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We signed contract with them for a house in another city, deposited money and about a month later I was told by employer that I cannot work telecommute and if I move to the other city (where we were building the house) I could not keep the job. This was way before starting to build the house - even getting permit. We told Standard Pacific Homes that I could send a letter from my employer stating... Read more

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Living in a different state was looking into purchasing a home in Florida east lake park and was discrinated by the loan officer had 300 k to put down n was asked where did I get, where do I work was unemployed, who do I live with n it's impossible that I did not pay rent to a child. What kind of garbage was that. Gave me such a hard to finance 50 k that I had to look else where. Had to submit... Read more

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2015- I've been forced to move from my home due to standard pacific blasting/blowing up old chicken and dairy farms near my home. I became more and more sick with time and it took my doctors and me a long time and many test to figure out the issue was with the area I live. The blasting alone is terrifying and shakes my house violently. SPH did nothing to help, causing me to move. There will be... Read more

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My hardwood flooring is messed up within 3 months from date we moved in, (it is still under warranty on papers) but Standard Pacific fails to replace it. They asked the manufacturer to look into it. Manufacturer rejected the claim saying that they don't cover moisture related issues(took more than 6 months to get me this info). Builder doesn't want to take responsibility even though the concrete... Read more

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When we bought the plot in Sendero Springs in Round Rock TX the builder was still streetman and over the period it was acquired by Standard Pacific. The house from the date of signing to close took almost 8 months. They failed Brushy creek mud water pressure inspection check multiple times. The structurally misplaced a window. Tiles were laid wrong like 4 times (wall tiles in bathroom were... Read more

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To whom it may concern: I am writing this to whom ever at CalAtlantic Homes is willing to deliver the product that was promised to us during the sale of our home. First allow me to say that from the beginning, our expectations of then Standard Pacific was extremely high. During the initial contract signing, we were given structural upgrades to be made that day. It was our understanding that... Read more

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I have been in a Stan Pac house for a year and a half in Broomfield Colarado. It has been a complete nightmare. We have issues from the th openining walkthrough that have not been addressed. Stan Pac finished our basement which is now crumbling around us , Foundation is caving in and have structeral cracks all through out the house, We can't have family in for the holidays because the house... Read more

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I am purchasing a home in the Northwoods at Avery Ranch development. We signed the contract on December and are expected to close at the end of this month. However, other houses that were started at the same time or after my house are already complete or much further along. I have visited my house during the day, evening, weekday and weekend and there is almost never anyone there...but... Read more

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I notified Standard Pacific on September 8, 2015 and as of today I have yet to receive any form of response. Once again this is a direct reflection of your corporation’s inability to demonstrate professional curtesy toward a concerned buyer/homeowner. In order to ensure my complaint is creditable I will provide work order receipts and photos with an addendum to this complaint/review. The below... Read more

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Standard Pacific Homes - Fences falling over do to heavy rains
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We live i Hertiage Lake, McCall & Menifee Road. The housing track is Bridgeport. We are having problems with the wooden fences falling over during a heavy rail. It looks like the wood is cracking at the concrete. I feel if the fences were build properly, we wouldn't be having this problem. Last July, are neighbor called us to let us know that four sections of our bck fence fell over,... Read more

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