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The sub division I live in is built on an old sod farm. The ground is 2.5 feet of hard pan soil. Water does not absorb in the ground. My yard has no topsoil my St Augustine grass has died and is now replaced with *** that love water. My yard will stays wet until the sun evaporates the standing water. They put French drains in. That didn't help. I paid $340,000 for my home and my yard is a swamp. Add comment

I bought my house in Gilbert AZ few years ago, as soon as the warranty expired, everything started to break down, I had to change entire electric panel and all outlets, plumbing etc. My parents house which is builder by Shea Homes 20 years ago is in better condition than this house. This is why they changed their name to Cal Atlantic because they know how bad quality their houses are. Warrant department is like a joke, even during the warranty... Read more

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I purchased a condo from this company about a year and a half ago. The moment I bought the house, I started experiencing issues. The toilets were flooded because their workers threw whatever the wanted in there, the faucet were clogged, tiles were cracked and the tub had a black ring around the top which I could not get rid off, also all the screws that they used on the balcony for the railing got rusted. Till this day they have not taken care... Read more

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Never buy their homes! To many problems, to many mistakes and if I start writing them all here it would take me entire day to list all of them. They gave us cheapest and extremely loud AC units and installed them almost on the middle of small back yard-patio. There is no way of using back yard if AC is on! Garage door when open and close, make entire house shake and wakes up kids. Hot water takes almost 3 minutes to get to the faucets and that... Read more

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I am trying to have my back yard landscaped (including an in-ground sprinkler). Because Standard Pacific has not done my front landscaping (including the in-ground sprinkler) we have asked them to reimburse us for the cost of the back flow that our landscaper will install. They are refusing. I have three dogs and would like to have my back yard completed (on my own dime!) but now may have to pay extra because Standard Pacific will neither come... Read more

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I moved 10 months ago to a building brand new, over this period of time the plumbing didn't work properly and they even care about my complaints. I spent 3 months without freezer, they even care, I've been without dryer for 6 months and standard pacific homes says is a problem of whirlpool and viceversa, the fact I bought a brand new townhouse just to live like a beggar without appliances, with a plumbing that don't work, etc. the quality of the... Read more

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Review about Standard Pacific Homes Construction from Miami, Florida
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They dont want to honor my warranty so my next step is court. The worst construction ever. Read more

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We signed contract with them for a house in another city, deposited money and about a month later I was told by employer that I cannot work telecommute and if I move to the other city (where we were building the house) I could not keep the job. This was way before starting to build the house - even getting permit. We told Standard Pacific Homes that I could send a letter from my employer stating that things/policy changed in the company and... Read more

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Living in a different state was looking into purchasing a home in Florida east lake park and was discrinated by the loan officer had 300 k to put down n was asked where did I get, where do I work was unemployed, who do I live with n it's impossible that I did not pay rent to a child. What kind of garbage was that. Gave me such a hard to finance 50 k that I had to look else where. Had to submit two applications because he couldn't find. Never got... Read more

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2015- I've been forced to move from my home due to standard pacific blasting/blowing up old chicken and dairy farms near my home. I became more and more sick with time and it took my doctors and me a long time and many test to figure out the issue was with the area I live. The blasting alone is terrifying and shakes my house violently. SPH did nothing to help, causing me to move. There will be litigation against them soon. N. San Diego site... Read more

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