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Standard Pacific Homes - Lack of Professionalism, quality and Workmanship
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We signed to build our home with Standard Pacific in August 2015, they knew we were relocating and needed our home one year later. They failed to assign resources to our project and then blamed their project manager and the property boom in Texas for their shortage of workers. Our brick sat on our lawn for 5 months before they found a crew to install it and when they did it was rushed up in one week. They installed defective stone on a 1M+... Read more

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Beware of CalAtlantic Homes/Standard Pacific Homes! They will give you all kinds of excuses to avoid repairing items that are defective in your new home after you close!!! Believe me, the quality of their homes are very poor because they use the cheapest labor and materials! In the end you will pay for all the repairs yourself! There will be a lot. They don't supervise their contractors, and they make too many bad mistakes in the building... Read more

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June 9, 2016 The construction by Standard Pacific is considerably sub-standard... Based on the finished product we wouldn't be surprised to learn that they get their painters from the Mission or some corner in downtown Denver..most if not all of them do not speak English. They Grin F**k you until they can run the warranty period out by promising a response that can take months to occur. We're putting our Standard Pacific home in Stapleton up... Read more

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We purchased a Standard Pacific home in 2011 as the first owner. We are now in the process of selling this home and after the inspection it was revealed that there are serious issues with the Stucco/EIFS. At first we thought the cracking was due to just settling but after the inspector provided his report, it showed that when the home was built, the builder(s) did not install the Stucco/EIFS to meet the 2009 International Code Council standards.... Read more

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I bought a house already built in Northwoods at Avery Ranch. I turned in an issue with the carpet been stained around the staircase before the end of the first year. It's been almost a year and it has not been fixed. They send someone to try to wash it, but it's stain from when they painted the wood and it just made it more obvious. This is the last text I received from Darla: From my manager: We can't guarantee a match, but so long as she ... Read more

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Worst builder i ever seen.i been in construction for 30 years .problems are trash everywhere in the house they are building.chicken bones everywhere soda bottles dirt all over new floor drywall spackel all over floors windows never seen such a mess like this we are paying alot of money for this house .i hate this builder .stay away from this buildet

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They are offering us a substandard Shaw wood flooring at a steep price. We told them we would not buy the flooring from them and they responded that per contract they would install standard tile in main living areas, that is, living room dining room, club room, hall ways, kitchen, etc, everywhere except the bedrooms. We are asking to leave the floors unfinished so we can put whatever we want after closing. This is allowed in the state of Florida... Read more

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A great community to live . I enjoy walking the dogs on the walkway trail behind my house . I informed Montage and Cambridge sales lady's re : bees infestation in a location on the east side of the walk path 4 different times . It has now been a month and has not been addressed . I walked today and there are more bees in the lavender rectangle box opening on the walk the location is at the Sweetwater &... Read more

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Well I reserved my home and I got closing date for March. during the first phase of house building everything was good because they were building structure for the house. all drama starts when they started building walls and windows and other details. No communication from the builder, deadline delayed every month March to April, April to May, May to June and then June to July and now I have no trust on these people. I am in Rental home and I... Read more

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The sub division I live in is built on an old sod farm. The ground is 2.5 feet of hard pan soil. Water does not absorb in the ground. My yard has no topsoil my St Augustine grass has died and is now replaced with *** that love water. My yard will stays wet until the sun evaporates the standing water. They put French drains in. That didn't help. I paid $340,000 for my home and my yard is a swamp.

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