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I thought I had done extensive research before I purchased my Standard Pacific (Arden Park) home. From day one, I have had nothing but problems. Some were minor, while others have been major. I know I am not the only person disappointed because I have spoken with my neighbors and they share the same opinions on the quality of these homes. Below is a list of the problems I've had since buying.

1. The house was infested with fire ants the day we moved in, up until 6 months after. I had to hire an extermination company myself to solve the problem.

2. My microwave did not work, and took us eight months to replace. I had to get in contact with Whirlpool myself, because again Standard Pacific did nothing to help.

3. Half of my kitchen outlets did not work. When they installed my stairway carpets (adjacent to the kitchen wall) they nailed my electrical wires.

4. Due to my sub floors being laid so poorly, when you are walking on the carpet/flooring there is mounds and uneven boards. It does not feel like you are walking on a smooth surface. It is even visible to the naked eye, like peaks and valleys. Standard Pacific tried to tell me that there was no problem so I brought in two private contractors and a home inspector, who ended up telling me that it was one of the worst jobs they had ever seen for sub floors. There was nothing SP could do to rectify the problem, shy of ripping my flooring out.

5. My front door does not seal or close properly. SP has replaced the weather stripping four times (to no avail) and I can still see daylight peaking through.

6. My garage door has been loose/falling off and had to be reattached.

7. The weather stripping on my garage door starting falling off after 10 months.

8. All of my garage door hardware (outside) oxidized. SP told me to go to Home Depot and buy spray paint to fix it.

9. My master shower was leaking for about a year, which is how long we have lived in the house. SP refused to listen to me when I told them how major the problem was. Needless to say, they had to rip out my entire shower floor, bench and first row of wall tiles. I was unable to use my bathroom for one month. They just completed the job five days ago and it is already leaking again.

10. All of the caulk around the bathroom sinks have completely come off. I had to reseal them myself.

11. One of the guest bathroom toilets would not flush for probably 4 months, but we were able to fix it.

12. Our air conditioning has broken down over three times in the last 12 months.

If all of that was not bad enough, the customer service (Todd Pope) was so incredibly unhelpful, and above all, rude. All of these issues were well within my one year warranties. It was like trying to make peace with North Korea! I wrote a letter to the corporate office in California, who ended up handing me off to Todd Pope's boss, Doug Guy. I ended up getting treated in the same manner as I did with Todd, and was made to feel like it was all my fault. I have since written a second letter to the CEO, Mr. Stowell, and have never gotten a response.


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and pride of workmanship. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of standard pacific homes arden park. Standard Pacific Homes needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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I live in Arden Park almost 2 years!nothing happened yet!good builder good location good community!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1179662

Hello. I live in Arden Park as well.

These are by far the worst builder I have cone across. We bought a brand new home but the list of problems in this home has been alarming! We have had multiple problems with plumbing (5 major leaking issues), electrical, improper installation of tiles, studs...I can go on and on. The worst part is, they tried to pin many issues on blaming us for the flaws and trying to make us pay under warranty.

Every vendor they use, comes in the house and immediately tell us how bad and cheap the quality if there product is, which is true they use the cheapest stuff.

I would stay away from this builder at all costs. Beware!!!


I'm in the market to buy a new home and now I will not even consider a Standard Pacific home.

to Anonymous #1274206

Iam not sure why this neighbor of ours had so many awful things to say about Standard Pacific builder we have lived in Arden Park for two years now and absolutely love it in here my husband and I have built five homes our whole life and have never come across better customer service than we have with Standard Pacific homes


How do you go and spend a 1/2 million dollars and the sales person at Arden Park treats you like you're broke because your black. But get this, she black too.

You just lost a sale. You need a new representative at that location.

to Anonymous Longwood, Florida, United States #1341201

She was probably jealous. I live in Florida, originally from NJ and they really don't like to see other people, especially the people from out of state buying homes and settling down here.


Wow..that is really horrible!!! My husband and I love driving through that community and had no idea.

We will definitely not be buying in there!


I bought the house in 2006 in Davenport fl the house already has cracks everywhere in that case what can I do.my email address an2741@aol.com.

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