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We bought a new dream home at Portola Springs, Orange county. Only after 6 months we realized things are falling apart from the poor quality.

1. I had to replace my microwave twice already.Only after I upgraded by spending 300 more dollars, I learnt the service has been discontinued on the product.

2. Poor cabinet parts - I would do better by assembling an IKEA piece of cabinets. One of the door for a draw just came off just by opening the draw. The trash door would never stay closed and my son tripped on it already twice.

3. To get a soft edged granite countertop, they would eat all your money away.

4. I have had at least 4 times when the Kitchen faucet came loose and their vendor came and fixed it.

5. All of the taps(heads) are so loose with a lot of wiggling in it.

6. I just started to see slight wall cracks.

7. The Kitchen counter-top light fixtures are so loose that sometimes I have to hit on them to turn on.

8. First time you send the request, you are the king. Next time you are treated like you deserve to wait until the one year warranty runs out. It takes several weeks for them to even put me on schedule for a fix.

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