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To whom it may concern:

I am writing this to whom ever at CalAtlantic Homes is willing to deliver the product that was promised to us during the sale of our home. First allow me to say that from the beginning, our expectations of then Standard Pacific was extremely high. During the initial contract signing, we were given structural upgrades to be made that day. It was our understanding that structural upgrades must be made then and only then as they would directly effect the construction phase of our new home. During said meeting, we were never informed of the coach light upgrade available to our home. Pictures of the house that were initialed by us yielded coach lights on the entryway of the house. Per conversations with Standard Pacific, it was determined that the coach lights shall be installed at no cost to us.

Upon our meeting with Bill Sizemore, we expressed that our previous experience with a previous builder was horrific! Bill ensured that the build of our home would be quite the opposite as Standard Pacific is in fact a good builder. Bill ensured that we would be happy and that if we weren’t, he would do what it takes to correct any issues to deliver a product that exceeds our expectations. From this point, the construction of our home moved forward in a direction that has led my family to what feels like a disaster. During the new home presentation, we met with Bill Sizemore prior to the meeting to point out issues that needed to be addressed. The new home presentation proceeded with Steve Olgsby. I would like to present the unprofessionalism that was presented from the beginning. Steve struck up a conversation prior to the meeting that would carry on throughout the presentation. Steve expressed his opinion(s) and personal view(s) that yielded some racist remarks about Latin Americans and I quote “All Mexican people need to take their anchor babies back to their country.” He unknowingly said this in front of my wife whom happens to be Latin American with Mexican heritage. Another resident presented him with a vibrating sprinkler head and his response was “I wish I had one of those in my pocket.” In my view, this is unacceptable and unprofessional. Until now, I’ve allowed this matter be unspoken of and overlooked. We walked through the house and wrote down all of the items that needed to be addressed and fixed. Steve then presented the “Dwell live” web site to generate items to be fixed. What a joke this system has turned into!

Problems within the house began to add up ranging from scratched and cooked cabinetry to tile work that presented as though quality standards did not matter. We comprised multiple “Dwell Live” work orders with multiple repeats due to there being no response given within two business days as stated on the site, from Steve. Little by little, items would finally be addressed at the inconvenience of us. At this point, we still have outstanding items that need to be fixed. Our bannister as shown in the model is presented opposite of what is on display. Furthermore, the varnish on the bannister needs to be addressed. The company that came out to fix the crooked and warped interior doors left the doors “as close as you’re gonna get ‘em”. Door casings were removed to “kid of, sort of” fix them thus leaving the casings unfinished and in need of caulk and paint. Furthermore, the entry door to the garage is warped and disallows the magnetic contacts to work properly. This now deems the Dynamark home security system useless until the door is replaced. Tile work done is the master bath and second bath revolving around the “beautiful” listello again yields work that in my view is beyond substandard. Corrections were made to the obvious tiles that needed attention while the “jagged” cuts leading to the corners of the showers were greeted with and abundance of grout to hide the crooked cuts. In my experiences with having granite counter tops installed in the past, the practice has typically been the company performing the install ensures that the stone is sealed. Our granite never seen a drop of sealant. Cabinetry was adjusted to correct the crooked doors, however the scratched drawer was “fixed” with a stain pen. In light of my dissatisfaction with this, the option to “just turn the drawer upside down” was given as a permanent fix. Why not order a new one??? Why am I paying for a substandard product only to have it “doctored” as a permanent fix. Doctoring items in my new home doesn’t stop with just the cabinets. During the contract signing of our home, NEVER was the option of upgrading the sliding glass doors EVER mentioned. In all the models that are present, PGT doors are in each and every one. Having no mention of the upgrade available, the expectation was that the doors seen were the doors included. This expectation should not come as a surprise of a company that allegedly surpasses the competition with quality, should it?? I sent emails and made phone calls to Peter Winter and Rick Woodley and set up a meeting to present the lack of quality in the doors I received as a standard. I presented the contract which itemizes everything as a standard or an upgrade, EVERYTHING EXCEPT the sliding glass doors! Air gaps alongside the bottom of the door was corrected with a piece of felt and the flimsy integrity of my doors was addressed with a “burglar bar” to brace the door. Again another “doctored” fix to a substandard item that you have installed into my home. Defensive and cocky mannerisms were directed towards myself as I asked for a resolution that was FAIR and JUST. The proposal I was given was the PGT doors installed in lieu of what is currently in my home for the cost of $2100 to be paid by me?! I made an attempt to address this with Rick Woodley, but as I interrupted his limousine cruise around town with other GM’s and/or executives, I was told a letter was being sent to me and that no further discussion could be had at that time. The letter arrived that highlighted everything that was discussed with no further effort to correct the substandard product in my house. The $2100 price tag still remained mine and no willingness to revisit this has been made by Peter or Rick.

Today, Schmitt electrical was scheduled to install the electrical wiring to accommodate the new coach lights. The technician informed us that a 1/2” conduit would run up the wall on each side to house the wiring. We were unaware of this method as it was not conveyed that this is how the work would be done. We expressed that we were told that the stone needed to be removed so no wires would be visible. According to the technician, he spoke with his supervisor and was told to proceed with “chiseling” away at the stone. The technician still felt uncomfortable with proceeding as no direction as to where the electrical wires should be installed to accommodate the work to be done by the stone workers. The blind approach to performing this work today did not align with what we were told. We are not confident at this time that the work to be done will meet the expectations we have for this fix. I am in no way interested in a “doctored” version of what should be done correctly. I am not interested in a burglar brace or felt tape to be in place to fix a door, nor am I interested in a substandard job to be done on my home that may not meet my expectations. I regret to inform you that EVERY resident on Canino Court is thoroughly disgusted with the lack of quality and/or attention to details when addressing the issues we have all presented. After speaking with neighboring residents, I was informed that a group of homeowners is being comprised because as it stands now, our voices as individual nuisances to your company, going unheard is just unacceptable. Word of mouth has begun. The next step is social media as a copy of this email will be copied and pasted on the Estancia Facebook page. The news media will be contacted next. I am contacting every local news channel to share our experiences in an effort to get what we paid for. For myself, I am seeking the coach lights to be done RIGHT and the replacement doors to be installed at your cost, not mine. If you feel that your company is incapable of delivering the coach lights that meet my expectations, then I propose you at least replace my substandard sliding glass doors at your expense. PLEASE meet my expectations and I am one less nuisance you will have to deal with. Until your company can deliver what is RIGHT, I will continue to inform anyone and/or everyone I possibly can of your lack of unprofessionalism and unwillingness to please your customers. You present a high quality product on display in the form of your model homes and yet deliver a substandard product. Live up to your quality standard and deliver the product your promise is all that we are asking for.

Lastly, I was presented with a lien that has been placed onto my property with my name on it. This is completely unacceptable and quite frankly only points out the inequities your company holds within. As a new home buyer, I put over 100K (20%) down on my new home and hold a mortgage that has ensured that Standard Pacific was paid in full for my house. A lien in my name hinders my ability to make future purchases and can have a lasting effect on my credit. Your company in so many ways has FAILED to deliver a positive experience and/or a product I can be happy with. With regard to this matter, my expectations are that your company will address and correct this issue in a timely manner. I expect to be informed immediately when the matter has been resolved and would like all documentation of said resolution to be forwarded to myself for my records.

Mark D. Pattison

4138 Canino Court

Wesley Chapel, FL


(813) 712-9695

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Standard Pacific Homes. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Thank you, I was thinking about spending 450k on Villa in Wesley Chapel.....but ...thank you.


All items outstanding have been resolved in a professional and timely manner.


Thank you for sharing your horrible story. I fell in love with the models and have an appointment with the salesman today.

I will not be keeping the appointment. All of these reviews have totally changed my mind.

Who needs this headache. Guess they are pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside.


Same low standard quality Windsor neighborhood Meadowpoint. Hugely disappointed with our new home.

Hired our own contractor to fix the poor workmanship, cheap doors, windows, crappy wood trim, granite was never sealed. Issues with air conditioning system, electrical and plumbing. In fact almost everything in my home you can find at the Home Depot...shocker right.

Tile, flooring, granite, lighting... all found at Home Depot.

to Anonymous #1228410

Almost get a home in Windsor, it is terrible there is no other builders on 56 / BB. Downs corridor. Thank you.


Wow. I was looking at these beautiful homes today & decided to google reviews.

I'm so glad I read this before making the mistake of purchasing these pricey homes with substandard service & builders.

Thank you for your story and I hope you get this resolved quickly! Please continue to share & warm others.

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