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I've been Shopping for a home For the past 6 months. We are looking to purchase a new built home.

Being a first time buyer, my parents wanted to help me with this process considering this is a big investment decision.My parents received the contact information from one of the sales agents. I contacted this person, and when I called and introduced myself as the "daughter", all the sales woman could say was nothing! I told her I wanted to get more information on the property, and like I said, nothing! No response, or interest in asking more about me or my needs.

I even set the appointment myself, feeling as though there was zero motivation to sell me a home on her end!My family and I ended up going to the appointment, and when I introduced myself, yet again in person, this agent didn't even shake my hand! How unprofessional! At one point I asked her if they had a restroom available, and her reply was, "yes"....ummm, and where is this??? it's as though she was lost in lala land.In the end my fiance argued with the sales women to use our own agent, especially with the horrific experience we've had in just the beginning.

That was challenged of course. Your agent has to be present in the first meeting which we knew, however from our first impressions being so terrible, our thoughts were, why give commission to someone who doesn't even deserve it? All in all, we dealt with the other agent, who was just as unhelpful as the first. I put $5k down to hold the lot I wanted, and she made me feel so rushed to come in and sign my contract agreement, even though I was leaving town for a week due to business meetings.

She basically made me feel as though there was no absolute way she can accommodate my schedule, and I HAD to sign in the next 7 days, or else?!In the end, we decided to take our business somewhere else, to a company, that wants to help first time home buyers like myself, and not just looking for a profit!

I'm definitely going to purchase, however not with them! Good luck!

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So who did you end up going with?

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